Friday, September 5, 2008

Ahh... hurricane season!

San Marco Blvd.

Whew that was a long hurricane!! Two weeks!!!! Yikes!!!

I am kidding of course.

Tropical Storm Fay did stay over us for a few days, but eventually moved on, leaving us with a mountain of clean-up to do. If for all this time you've been anxiously awaiting my next post (and who hasn't??) you're probably thinking by now, "Surely Fay destroyed the House of Wax!! I hope they are ok!! (sigh) What will I read at work now?" But in fact we skated by on the skin of our teeth! Relatively no damage to our home knock on wood.

The view of our driveway and street... not too bad... just lots of little branches.

Our Ardsley neighborhood was by no means spared... There were a total of 3 huge oak trees that toppled over, blocking roadways, and one actually fell on a power pole, crushing all the power lines causing us to be without power for THREE DAYS. It doesn't seem like much - but let me tell you, by the afternoon of the first day... it gets really really hot. By the second day... we have run out of things to talk about, my hair is frizzed out like Richard Simmons, and the doors and windows are all swelled shut. By the THIRD day... I am truly starting to panic, frantically driving around town looking for ice, and there is no denying that something has died in the fridge and we shall never be able to open that door again for fear of releasing the odor.

One of my neighbors lost a huge water oak tree.

The power did eventually come on, I started to relax, we had hot water again along with cold A/C. But having no power for 3 days...... I learned a few things about myself. Here are some nuggets I'll share with you, in case you find yourself in the same situation...

1.) As soon as the power goes out - there are a million things I am DYING to do that of course require power. (Why didn't I vacuum, blow dry my hair, watch TV and cook a lasagna while I had the chance?? Dammit!)

2.) Granola bars and cans of tuna fish are really gross. Why do the news people tell us to stock up on these items? I would never eat them WITH power, I am certainly not eating them without.

3.) I don't really know what the Bleach is for. Why do they tell us to buy this item again? It's not like I have a ton of white laundry I can do while I sit in my hot humid dark house.

4.) Do not wait until the power goes out to go shopping around for ice/coolers/water/flashlights etc. Or else you will find yourself on the floor of a Winn Dixie arm wrestling an old woman for that last bag of ice (or you will give up because she is strong and offer her $10 for it.)

5.) It is IMPERATIVE to have lots of friends (the more the merrier) so as to be able to call on them in the event that they do in fact still have power while yours is out.

6.) I have learned that I never really got over that whole "afraid of the dark" thing. It's really dark when no one on your block has power. I mean...... REALLY dark.

7.) And finally.... I can say now that if it wasn't for the invention of AIR CONDITIONING I would not be living in this beautiful state. THERE I said it. (Would you? No. I didn't think so.)


Country Lass said...

Hello Fellow Fay Survivor.....I used to think the same thing about the bleach but Hurricane Francis of 2004 (5 days without power) taught me well.....I used plenty of it in the kitchen sink (a capful in the water with dish detergent - water from a pre-power outage filled pot of course) for the daily clean-up of dishes etc. Also, used it in the toilets after flushing with ditch water carried inside in a bucket......If you still had water without your power then bleach isn't quite as important but if you're on a well system then bleach is a good thing to have on hand to keep those little germies down.

Kevin said...

Looks like fun! It rained a little here too. I had to use an umbrella :)