Monday, September 22, 2008

Hold, please.

I believe everyone's hell is different.

None of that fire and brimstone stuff. I think the Devil is probably smarter than that anyway....

But my hell is probably very similar to my day today = On the phone, on hold waiting for the next available representative. (Mental note to self - go to confession on Sunday.)
I was trying to find out why that appliance repairman has not called us back. It's been two months since he came and out took one look at my broken stove and said "Yup. You got yerself a brokin stove." Thanks, Matlock. I had no idea.

He came out to allegedly "fix" the stove.... but I haven't heard one peep from him or his cronies since that initial visit... in JULY.

Well I called the home warranty company, who in turn put me on hold for about an hour, while they tried to figure out what the hold up was. When they finally came back on the line, they told me that the company had ordered the part... it came in... but they just never followed up on it. GRRRRRRR. And as an added bonus, the HW company told me that sometimes they send the part back if they never use it. Great!! So we might have to wait some more. Yippee!

This was our first experience with our home warranty - and I have to say I am not impressed. They won't replace anything unless it's truly dead. I mean DEAD dead. Evidenced by the fact that they actually found a comany, that found a part, to fix THIS stove from about a million years ago.


tinasauers said...

oh honey....think about the amount of money that you have spent eating out since JULY and realize that for way less than that....oh no.....i'm totally gonna say can't stop could have bought a new stove or three!
enjoyed your post!

Kristen said...

Oh I've been using it - make no mistake there. But it's just a crapshoot as to what you will get. Perfectly cooked meat - undercooked pink chicken - or a hockey puck. Fun times!